Bay Area Open Minds

A group of San Francisco Bay Area psychotherapists and psychotherapy students who affirm that sexual and gender diversity are natural expressions of the human experience.

Website: Bay Area Open Minds

The TransFamily Alliance

Educational & resource hub, and support community for parents raising and supporting transgender, nonbinary and gender expansive offspring. TransFamily Alliance specializes in offering a comprehensive online platform that features educational videos, live Q&A sessions, and expert interviews to support and guide individuals through their gender journeys, as well as providing professionally curated resources with the latest data to guide parents’ decisions on social, medical, and legal transitions.

Website: TransFamily Alliance

Gender Spectrum, Bay Area & National

An organization that provides an array of services to help youth, families, organizations and institutions understand and address concepts of gender identity and gender expression, including how societal, cultural, organizational and community definitions of gender can be detrimental to any young person that does not fit neatly into these categories.

Website: Gender Spectrum, Bay Area & National

National Center for Lesbian Rights

An organization working to achieve LGBTQ equality through litigation, legislation, policy, and public education.

Website: National Center for Lesbian Rights

PFLAG Local Bay Area Chapter

Helpline:  510-562-7692
The nation’s largest family and ally organization.  Uniting people who are LGBTQ with families, friends, and allies.

Website: PFLAG Local Bay Area Chapter

TGI Justice Project

A group of transgender people working in collaboration with others to forge a culture of resistance and resilience in the fight against imprisonment, police violence, racism, poverty and societal pressures.  They serve low-income transgender women of color and their families who are in prison, formerly incarcerated or targeted by the police.

Website: TGI Justice Project

Transgender Law Center

A civil rights organization advocating for transgender communities.  TLC connects transgender people and their families to technically sound and culturally competent legal services; increases acceptance and enforcement of laws and policies that support California’s transgender communities; and works to change laws and systems that fail to incorporate the needs and experiences of transgender people.

Website: Transgender Law Center

TransGender San Francisco

Offers services, resources, advocacy and support to the transgender community.

Website: TransGender San Francisco

World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)

Interdisciplinary professional and education organization devoted to transgender health.

Website: World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)