UCSF CAGC Grant Services

For Mental Health & Medical Providers

We offer the following services for providers:

  • Phone/Video consultation (individual and group) 

  • Trainings on gender diversity and gender affirmative care, including:

    • interdisciplinary models 

    • caregiver/family support

    • special topics, e.g. eating disorders & body image; neurodiversity 

  • Resources and case management support

To schedule services for providers,

please email Ben Geilhufe at benjamin.geilhufe@ucsf.edu 

For Gender Expansive Youth

We offer the following services for gender expansive, transgender, and non-binary youth (age 24 and under) and their families:

  • Tween support group, age 9-13

  • Teen support group, age 14-18

  • Parent/Caregiver support group

  • Community Consultation Clinic

To connect with services for youth and families, email J. Cohen: jessie.cohen@ucsf.edu 

COVID-19 Resources for TGNB Community

For COVID-19 resources specifically for the transgender and non-binary community, please click here.


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